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The new trailer shows our couch-based competitive gameplay PLUS: now we have the new Gauntlet game mode, new UI, select your dragon, and our NEW LAVA LEVELS!

Medium Rare is a party game where you play as an adorably cute (but deadly) fire breathing dragon! 2 - 4 players chase each other around an arena aiming to set fire to each other.


Once you're cooked, you are changed into a tasty chicken leg! (Er... dragon leg!) The winner is the dragon that scores the most points by eating the most chicken legs!


Each round only takes a couple of minutes. So the action is fast, easy to learn, and there are ample opportunities for both new players and experienced pros to have fun!


So you can see how the game has evolved so far, here is our original trailer. From watching our initial trailer, you can see our first dragon designs, our early gameplay, and the original look and feel for the game. Compared to our new trailer, Medium Rare has truly evolved!

Our CEO, Matt takes us through a brief walk-through of our in development Horde mode.

An interview with Merlin, one of the Medium Rare dragons!

Thank you for watching and please send us your comments!

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